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We provide special Flores & Komodo Trekking package for those who want to have the great trekking experience on amazing island  of Flores and meet the Komodo Dragon with low prices and best deals. Komodo Trekking Tours prepare special tour package for every traveler such as Trekking adventure,flores and komodo tours also honeymoon package.We will bring you to the great trekking spot, amazing snorkeling spot, beautiful beach, also the traditional culture of Flores island. Select the best tours or package arrangement wich suitable as you want and make your vacation unforgetable.

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The Unique of Flores

Flores is one of the most visited island by the tourist. It offers many interesting places for the visitor who want to visit allover Flores island.In the Western part,  the Bay of Labuan Bajo is all just beautiful with offshore a multitude of Islands lined with deserted white sand and beaches the seabed among the richest in Indonesia. In addition, the proximity to the Komodo National Park actually an almost compulsory step for those who want to meet the giant lizards. Not far from the town of Ende, is Lio, The Kelimutu Vulcano remains the most visited site of flores with these Three Color Lake that could change anytime. It is  great and unforgettable landscape. You’ll discover Ngada, countryside at the center of the island of Flores, a population with exciting traditional villages in the heart of green valleys and thick forets. The region which lends itself perfectly for hiking. Finally, further to the North, near Riung the Pulau Tujuh Belas site, is an archipelago of 23 deserted islands on a background of turquoise sea and white sandy beaches that will delight all lovers of exploring underwater with very preserved funds. The national park of komodo, between sumbawa and flores, is unique to the world. These small islands, mainly Komodo and Rinca, found the famous komodo varanus, last survivors of prehistory. Reaching 3 meters long, these big lizards are capable of swallowing a Buffalo. Trekking moreless 2 hours to meet these monsters and can also admire a magnificent landscape of Savannah and discover also buffaloes, monkeys, deer, and wild horses and some species of birds. Recommended for all lovers of animals and nature